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 The Story So Far...

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The Burdened

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PostSubject: The Story So Far...   The Story So Far... Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 11:20 pm

As sure as the moon rose that night, they arrived.

A dark vale swept across the Earth, passed off as some sort of environmental phenomena by scientists, but a few, those within the right circles, knew the truth. Perhaps the apocalyptic doom mongers had some truth to their ranting, but whatever the case, the truth now is that the horde has arrived, and no one is sure what we can really do to survive.

The government has done well to hide the truth; many people are still oblivious to this ominous, supernatural threat. But others, those within the direct firing line, know the truth. Demons. Perhaps folk tales and ghost stories had more merit to them than any of us could’ve imagined, for these monsters that we are faced with resemble more creatures of nightmare than anything we’ve ever known on our planet.

South America is the only point of contact that we’ve discovered so far, but they’re expanding rapidly. No one knows what might happen yet, but for now, our only hope is to fight back. Until the death, humankind but be resilient. We will not give up. This is our planet, not theirs, and we will not be conquered without a fight.

((To be continued...))

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The Story So Far...
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