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 Awaken Potential I

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The Burdened

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PostSubject: Awaken Potential I   Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:31 am

Name: Awaken Potential I

Magic: 20MP

Duration 6 posts

Element: Arcane

[*] Slight (10%) boost to magic power
[*] Slight (10%) boost to magic defense
[*] Enchantment Arcane Gift becomes slightly more effective, lowering recharge time between orbs to 2 seconds and increasing number of orbs per post to 4.

[*] Slight (10%) decrease in physical attack
[*] Slight (10%) decrease in physical defence
[*] Unable to use weaponry for duration of the form

[*] Eyes glow a golden hue.
[*] Regular attire replaced, see image.
[*] Essence of magic seems to surround the user, causing those nearby to almost, inexplicably 'feel' her presence.

20 Mana.
April White
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The Ultimate Troll
The Ultimate Troll

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PostSubject: Re: Awaken Potential I   Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:54 pm


Mana: 20
Elements: Illusion, Ink, Sound
Classified Files: Blueman

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Awaken Potential I
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