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>>[[EtherealShift]] Empty
PostSubject: >>[[EtherealShift]]   >>[[EtherealShift]] Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2012 9:31 pm

>>USB located
>>Importing file...

>>[[Ethereal Shift]]

>>10 MP


>>Allows the user, and everything on the user whether clothes or an item that is he holding become intangible (if he chooses it too). >>This does not extend to things such as a wall he may be holding or people that he may be in contact with.
>>Lasts until all foreign objects that weren't made intangible that enter his body while intangible are removed.
>>Example: If someone is slicing with a sword then he won't become tangible midway but once the sword passes through completely then he is tangible.
>>This also means that if there are multiple objects then he has to wait for all of them to leave such as if there are two swords.
>>If there is only one and then it leaves his body and whatever he made intangible before the second enters then he would have to recast the spell to be intangible for the next blade.
>>Still subject to universal forces such as heat and gravity and will experience them even though he won't, for example, physically burn.
>>If ill prepared he could fall into the center of the Earth.

>>[[EtherealShift]] NeptuneSignature_001
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The Ultimate Troll
The Ultimate Troll

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>>[[EtherealShift]] Empty
PostSubject: Re: >>[[EtherealShift]]   >>[[EtherealShift]] Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2012 11:58 pm


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>>[[EtherealShift]] Bluema3
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