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PostSubject: >>[[Nereid'sApparel]]   >>[[Nereid'sApparel]] Icon_minitimeSun Dec 16, 2012 1:31 am

>>USB located
>>Importing file...



>>Full body

>>A form fitting, nonrestrictive, fire retardant, water resistant suit that is built with tightly compacted fabrics that allow the body to stay warm in places ranging from freezing to far below it.
>>Fire retardant refers to nonmagically created fire. Such fire affects the suit the same.
>>Water resistant means that it works like a wet suit. Also, it isn't resistant to magical water etc.
>>The helmet is removable and the visor also can slide up when turned correctly by the user (whether or not the user is the character).
>>The helmet is not made of metal but instead refined rhinoceros hair although just as durable and vulnerable to physical attacks adding the appropriate amount of weight for the protection it gives (which isn't much at all and its main purpose is for safe transport at high speeds comparable to a motorcycle helmet but more fit for combat if need be)
>>The method of which is through putting three of his fingers in the slight indents on the side of the head and allows the visor to slide up when unlocked.
>>The visor is made of refined plastic to prevent glass breaking around the face but keeping high durability. It is also a material that prevents fogging up rather easily.
>>This suit also helps the user stay intact when moving in high speeds say he's flying on a hover vehicle or on the outside of a plane (and somehow miraculously not flying off).
>>This suit has the back pocket for a couple of useful items (which would have to be made separately) as does the side pocket (same requirements apply).

>>No physical protection against attacks (helmet excluded).

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>>[[Nereid'sApparel]] Empty
PostSubject: Re: >>[[Nereid'sApparel]]   >>[[Nereid'sApparel]] Icon_minitimeSun Dec 16, 2012 1:54 am


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