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PostSubject: Enderman   Enderman Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2012 4:33 pm

Name: Enderman

Sex: Neither, genitalia located at the tip of the tail. Demon implants egg inside of host then fertilizes the egg inside of the host. Gender is not a factor.

Age: 4


Origin:Demon Ejaculate

Alignment:Chaotic Evil

Elemental Affinity:Illusion, Space, Lighting

Personality:Enderman is an asshole. He pisses on graves and punts children when he sees fit. Basically, he says "Fuck You, Fuck You, and Fuck You" to moral ethics and could give a damn about anyone's feelings. He will kill your son, your husband, deflower your daughter and give your mother sloppy seconds of his demon willy. He'll shit on your dog then roast your cat while he munches on your gerbil. He'll bitch smack you if you get out of line. In battle he'll make attempts to violate you, emotionally or physically.

Appearance:A demon. He has red demon arms and back demon horns, with a hard purple demon exoskeleton. He is 6'5 and 247 lbs. He has a red/green demon tail with purple feet and demon toes. He has a third eye and a green demon stomach. He has demon teeth and round demon ears, with demon black eyeliner and lip-liner.

Affinities:Pillaging, raping, torment, cooking, castration, circumcision, penetration.

Weaknesses:Lacks Compassion, therefore lacks emotional instinct that humans do. Lacks strong restraint, so fleeing is very hard for him. Has extreme pride, so achieves to be better than others no matter self harm. Due to generations of incest, even though he has above-average intellect, Enderman is subject to childlike notions because of an extra chromosomes here or there. Not that it matters, because Demons don't give a damn. Sometimes, if head trauma occurs, he could temporarily become Intellectually Disabled, or popularly referred to as "retarded".

History:His dad came in his mom, he popped out, started killing people. Well, his mom is also his aunt because all demons REALLY liked incest, and his dad was also his grandpa because his mom was his daughter, even though.... Well, that's not important. After Enderman was born, he was assigned to kill humans that posed a threat to the Demon Sanctum, which was one huge arena of an incest fuck pool. So he goes around killing people to keep the Demon Dream alive, which is also the secondary US Confederate in the South's Dream; To fuck your daughter and have her call you daddy.

Pictures:Enderman Ozotto10
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The Ultimate Troll

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PostSubject: Re: Enderman   Enderman Icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2012 3:01 am


Mana: 20
Elements: Illusion, Ink, Sound
Classified Files: Blueman

Enderman Bluema3
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