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The Following event's take place two month's prior to the ***********************

"DAD THERE IS SOMEONE ON THE BRIDGE" The teenage boy said as he peered closer to get a better look at the monitor. "ITS A CHILD!" The boy called out as he began to run towards the opposite side of the bridge from the small white tollbooth on the other side. His father quickly followed him, they both had high glowing flashlights lights in hand, as they ran towards the girl from the way they were dressed it was obvious they were poor. As the boy approached the child who seemed to be walking on the bridge when they got closer to her he saw she only had a white dress on with sandals. He quickly went to the girl, his dad following up behind. "What are you doing out here ya wee lass, dontcha know it's not safe at all to be out all alone at this time of night." The boy said his Irish accent was easily seen through his voice as his father sighed before his father could speak the child looked up at both of them with a face that looked like her heart was broken in two and slightly was whimpering as she talked.

"......was separated from..... family......just wanna see momma and her big brother.....please help..."

The father sighed as the girl finished hearing other begin to cry silently. "Don't worry child our town will help to the best of our abilities, we may not be a super big city, but everyone here knows the land and works together, don't worry we will all help." The father finished with a smile, his Irish accent much more audible then his son's as his kind words tried to console the girl.

The girl smiled at these words still slightly crying. " matter what you town will help get family? Oh thank you! Thank you! Rikki gets to see mommy and big brother!"

As the girl slightly began to cheer up getting excited the young boy noticed that it was odd how one moment she was that sad then a few word's later she was calmed down then again children are easily mused thank goodness, the poor girl must have gone through so much. "Dad, I'll be taking the car and take her back to town, to stay with the fam." The boy finished although he was younger, he had learned to drive due to the situation the world seemed to be in with those creature's the boy grew a smile on his face as he picked up the young girl and began to walk towards the car, if only the world was as cute and innocent as this little angel they had found. Maybe she was just the little light of hope their city needed.

Meanwhile, the father sat there at the tollbooth wondering how strange the event's that just happened were in his small tollbooth. The father however was startled when he heard an odd bump as if something was on top of the tollbooth he couldn't exactly make out what though. His eye's widened a little as he looked on the wall in front of him finding their was red splattered on the white wall's. He was even more surprised when he looked down at his chest, to find there was hole right in the middle with a decayed hand going through his chest the last noise he heard was this.

Four months after the event that occurred in *********************

Onyx was now finally beginning to wake up, currently his head was resting on the windowsill of a the bus he was in. Starting to lose his drowsiness the boy had become alert once more remembering all that had happened and pondering what was about to happen. He remember New York as he looked at himself, still wearing the pants he wore in New York, however you could see on the side of them there was the face of the girl who he behead sewn onto his jean's right beneath the pouch that held his throwing knives. He had on no shirt however he did have a blue coat, that had the sleeves ripped off his bandaged up arm still bandaged in the black bandages. Onyx wiped the sand out of his eyes as he had begun to think about the past couple months. First, New york, then there were those cities with the militia from New York who he took down. now a ghost town in Montana. Onyx sighed as the rickety bus crossed the bridge, passing what looked to be a destroyed red tollbooth. From far away he could see it now there was a huge radio tower and what looked to be a small town coming up on the horizon. Onyx once again let out a heavy sigh, he really did hate being called out to places like this. Keeping his eyes focused forward then entering a trance like state, the voices began to whisper to him, once more 'mentally' preparing him for whatever the boy may face. Fifteen minutes later the bus came to a halt and a ding was heard, an automated voice began to play.

"Thank you for riding with us! Have a pleasant day!"

The voice had spoken in an Irish younger male cheerful friendly tone while the door's creaked open. Onyx stood up strapping his blade's to his back, holding the hover board in his left hand he walked off the bus. The moment he stepped off he heard the door try to close behind, him then the bus started driving away much quicker than when it was driving him here, however he heard that door fall off hitting the street while it drove off. Onyx simply threw his hover board onto the ground and not even a moment later the board sprung up one and half feet, Standing on top of the board locking his left foot in he started moving forward towards the entrance. Passing through the entrance which turned out be a metal tunnel about ten feet long, when he got to the other side looking up he noticed something. There was if his estimation was correct about a thirty foot high thick fence around what looked to be the entire town, as he looked closer he could see then fence was littered with barbed wire. Sighing not surprised he didn't see that earlier when he looked up at this town from back in the bus earlier. If whoever called him here wanted him so bad, they should have at least just could ask him to stay rather then going through all that. As Onyx kept moving forward coming towards the center of this dead decrepit destroyed town which had a dead forest park in the middle of it. Onyx eyes suddenly went from monotone to focused, there in the street in front of him....he may have just had found the caller. Standing before him was a little toddler, it was female with a white dress and sandals.

Jumping off his hover board, hooking it back onto the middle of his back, Onyx stood before this child. They both walked in step towards each other however as Onyx was walking this girl was skipping. Both of them had stopped with six feet separating them. Onyx stared at her with his emotionless monotone face, while sat there with a huge smile on her face, dancing around.

"Is Rai Rai happy to see Rikki?" The girl said to Onyx sweetly as his eye's narrowed for a moment."Rikki was this small....BEFORE RIKKI WAS SENT AWAY! This time when the girl spoke it started sweet however without warning her voice turned demonic and amplified echoing throughout the if a demon took control of her. Onyx face and body remained the same his eye's still narrowed while the girl began to have a bright flash of light glow around her. Soon the light became extremely bright, Onyx was forced to shield his eyes with his bandaged arm. After a couple of moment's the light disappeared, when Onyx looked again standing in front of him where the toddler once was was a girl with hair extremely similar to his.....and the iris of her eyes...Onyx iris changed to hers, she had the initial color that Onyx did when he was born...... as they stared into each others, one had a sweet loving smile, the other an emotionless face. This girl looked as though someone took Onyx himself then made him into a female. The girl simply smiled at Onyx still she began to skip around him still keeping a slight distance between them.

"We are twins remember Rai Rai, how we would play games. Rai Rai would take care of Rikki and momma loved both Rai Rai and Rikki, but when Rai Rai turned six a minute before Rikki, Rikki had to go....but Rai Rai got to stay. Rikki was sure momma or Rai Rai would come for her....neither came...Rikki spent her time with others and alone...later Rikki thought Rai Rai would after news of ......momma....and FATHERS.....deaths...came...Rikki had to save Rikki did....Rikki wanted to see Rai Rai.....Rikki wanted to see momma.....Rikki wanted to be the one who made FATHER SLEEP... Rai Rai made FATHER dream forever...and now....Rai Rai has...mommy...Rikki wants to see her mommy....Rikki needs mommy's love, just like Rai Rai needs mommy by his side..."

She started out skipping however she stopped in front of him her voice was still innocent, however it became saddened she started to get closer to onyx pretty soon she was right on top of him grabbing the blade that stabbed their mother long ago the girl was unable to hook it. Onyx upon feeling her grip the blade grabbed her then sent her flying forward six feet in front of him. Rikki quietly got up and her long hair covered her face, however when you looked you could hear her crying...however when she removed her hair from in front of her face tears of blood trailing down her face were seen, she came close to Onyx closing the distance with two feet between them as she began to try and talk again still her bloody tears fell, falling on the ground and onto her white dress staining it.

"Rikki.....RIKKI just WANTS too see mommy, OUR MOMMY.....please let Rikki see mommy.....please let Rikki...see mommy."

At that moment while Rikki cried, pleading before her brother Onyx brought the Oblivion out holding it in his right hand...he then without warning impaled his sister right in the middle of her gut running the sword straight through her. Rikki's eyes widened as she stared forward into her brothers eyes. She fell down to her knees and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The sound of Rikki crying once more could be heard starting again as blood leaked out her mouth.....however it was not out of pain or sadness she was cause of pure bliss. Rikki then hugged the serrated edged blade close bringing it close to her chest. Rubbing her face hard against the blade, Rikki began to literally SHEAR her own flesh off including parts of her chest and face. Rikki paid no attention to this and simply continued pushing the blade deeper into her gut more blood spilling out. Onyx simply stared at her his face still monotone as he watched his sister, shear off her own flesh, her blood still dropped while Rikki whispered soft nothings to Oblivion. Onyx barely able to make them out. Gripping the handle Onyx began to pull the blade out however, Rikki gripped the blade with here arms hooking her arms into the blade trying to pull it back. Onyx himself pulled hard while Rikki screamed incoherent words simply referring him to stop. Onyx ripped off more of the flesh on her some of her bone was exposed as he hooked Oblivion back onto the strap. Rikki lunged towards her brother however the exposed flesh on her right cheek collided with Onyx's fist as she fell to the ground. She lurched backwards and fell down, she looked up at her brother she began to pound at the ground in front of her the entire are shaking with each pound.

" WHY DID RAI RAI TAKE MOMMY AWAY! RAI RAI HAS HAD MOMMY WITH HIM! RIKKI HAS NOT SEEN MOMMY ARE YOU HAPPY RAI RAI, HAPPY RIKKI DOESNT GET TO SEE HER MOMMY! RAI RAI......Rikki wants to play with you again.....I want to have our mommy and my Rai Rai back.....RIKKI's FRIENDS HERE WILL PURIFY RAI RAI SO WE CAN BE A FAMILY AGAIN..........Rikki loves Rai Rai too much to purify him..but friends will for Rikki...DO NOT WORRY RAI RAI EMBRACE THEM AND WE WILL BE A FAMILY, RIKKI LOVES YOU.....please forgive her."

While Rikki spoke once more her voice became demonic switching back and forth between sweet and demonic a red aura had begun to flow around her. Soon the grotesque screams of damned creatures could be heard approaching. Rikki began to rise into the air as she still cried tears of blood, Onyx simply watched narrowing his eyes looking at her, when she got about twenty feet into the air Onyx dropped his hover board onto the ground then jumped onto it while it sprung hooking his left foot in. As Rikki disappeared Onyx sped forward into the park following her aura that streaked in the sky the sound of the damned becoming louder and louder behind the sound of some buildings being broken out of barricaded door's falling with ease. A thick fog was settling in shrouding this place from the rest of the earth, earth's very own personal hell was currently rising up as Onyx sped into the dark wood hearing the shrieks and cries behind him. Rikki's friends had arrived.

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