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PostSubject: Blueman    Blueman  Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 3:05 am

Name: Blueman

Sex: Male

Age: 6041

Race: Ink Utukku

Home: He originated in Sumer, but now resides in New York City.

Alignment: Neutral Chaotic

Elemental Affinity: Illusion, Ink, Sound

Personality: Blueman is cruel and distant, acting in his own interests or in the interests of those he takes a liking too. He has great capacity to be jovial at times, though his humor is either exceedingly dark or extremely childish. He gets great pleasure from instilling fear in people, often using his mastery over illusion to create surreal and/or terrifying scenarios where a person may feel that they are in real, imminent danger. Usually they are not, but he never lets them on that little secret. He prefers to avoid direct confrontation, but will fight face to face if challenge. However he doesn't believe in fair fights, and he even came up with a little saying to display his views on it: "If you want a clean fight, punch a bar of soap." He is very devious, and fond of manipulating people that he views as assets. He doesn't make allies so much as find tools to use in his own endeavors, though he has a tendency to become attached to a few of them. This can make his betrayal of them difficult, and sometimes he opts not to go through with plans to spare them the misery. Blueman's views on both Demons and Humans have become jaded and tired; he views both of them as stupid creatures fit only to be manipulated save for a select few (that he picks out). He also thoroughly enjoys coaxing people to switch alignment. He usually tries to corrupt the good and innocent, while he likes to manipulate the wicked and ignorant to the side of good. He does this with a tongue of silver and his illusions, showing people what they want to hear.

Appearance: Blueman is a solid blue figure with devoid of facial features, hair, or ears. Usually, he wears a black trench coat and a sheriff's hat, though, he has been known to were silk robes and zany shirts from time to time. He stands at 6'5', and weighs approximately 170 lbs.

Affinities: Blueman is exceedingly good at manipulating magical energies. It's also nigh impossible to get into his head; being alive for several thousand years has let him see several of of the most brutal wars, massacres, atrocities, and the deaths of entire civilizations at the hands of themselves or others. He is exceedingly clever, having built up a plethora of both combat and mental tactics to destroy foes both physically and emotionally.

Weaknesses: Though Blueman is a master of manipulating magical energies, the circumstances of his birth has made him extremely weak to it as well.

History: "Kanpa annu kanu; kima pulhu, basi mudutu ma basi mudu."
--------- "Remember this truth; instead of terror, there is knowledge and one who knows."

In ancient Sumer, a Sumerian king had captured a powerful Utukku, and demanded that it share with him its power. He wanted to live forever, and since Utukku were immortal spirits he commanded that until the spirit gave him what he wanted, it would be bound by sigils, chains, and and spikes throughout its body. After only a few days the demon relented, having its own designs in mind. He asked the king for a multitude of beautiful inks with which he would draw runes and symbols to set up a spell. Once completed, he would need to provide seven children for sacrifice as their youthful energy would provide him with with enough a large amount of life force-- large enough to sustain him forever. The king wholeheartedly agreed to the endeavor, his blind pursuit for being remembered keeping him from seeing the obvious deception the demon had created for him. Of course, the demon had counted on this-- men were blind and foolhardy. The king returned with the seven children, and the ritual began at dusk.

The seven children were bound and placed around the circle in a star-like pattern, with the king directly in the center of them all. Each child (four male, three female) stood on a different colored space (Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Red, and Orange), while the king stood in the center on a solid white circle. With a clap, the lines began to glow, and suddenly the king felt woozy. He had been tricked! he tried to exit the circle, but had been locked inside by a magical barrier. The demon explained that for his cruel behavior, he had deemed the only worthy punishment was to let him live forever as part of the children by using his life force to fuel their soon-to-be eternal lives. As the king was ripped apart each child was overcome with the color below them as it seeped up over their skin, changing them to match that color. Out of the seven children, the most prominent would come to be called Blueman. The children were no longer merely flesh and bone-- while they retained basic human anatomy, they had no faces or facial features of any kind. The became able to swap genders at will, and eventually six of the seven became insane and almost feral. The exception was Blueman, who used his mastery of illusion to make himself appear normal for a time to the population while his siblings were incapable of performing the same. This human interaction he maintained throughout the years allowed him to stay semi-sane.

The other six 'colors' as the ancient Sumerians called them became cannibalistic, seeking to kill and engulf human flesh. Even they had no mouths, they were still able to bring food into their faces through the point where there mouths would be (how this is done is unknown). They also began to engage in heavy incestuous activities, and it was at this point that Blueman had decided to terminate them. He hunted them down, eventually finding all of them hiding in a deserted cave near the village. He coaxed them out of hiding and lured them into the desert, far away from the village, where he made sure that they died of starvation and dehydration by constantly distracting them with illusions.

After that nuisance had been taken care of, he began to travel throughout the land and instigated several small turf wars between the native tribes. He continued on to England, where he watched the expansion of the British power, later commenting on how humans were like locusts. He stood in that area for the next few thousand years, taking in the scenery until he had heard something intriguing-- there was a whole new world. He stowed away on a ship, killed a crewman and tossed the body overboard, and then disguised himself as the man. Little did he realize that the man was in fact a closet homosexual whose gay lover was the skipper on the ship. When it was discovered that he was a sham, the skipper had him thrown overboard. He drifted unconscious for a few days before washing ashore in the new world: America. He met natives who immediately began to revere him as a God, and just as immediately was exterminated. In his rage, he killed the entire settlement from which the attackers came and consumed the bodies of the people within. With that he fell inactive and laid low. Ever few years, he killed another person and took up that identity, hiding in plain sight. It wasn't until the modern era that he resurfaced in New York City, now in control of a rather large and profitable company by posing as the man in charge. In midst of the demon incursion, he has decided to make himself known in his own little way...

Pictures: Blueman  320845_307085169317665_1857251518_n

Mana: 20
Elements: Illusion, Ink, Sound
Classified Files: Blueman

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PostSubject: Re: Blueman    Blueman  Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 3:11 am


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