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 Mr. Mimic (Transformation)

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The Ultimate Troll

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Mr. Mimic (Transformation) Empty
PostSubject: Mr. Mimic (Transformation)   Mr. Mimic (Transformation) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 3:16 am

Name: Mr. Mimic (Form)

Magic: 20

Duration: Until terminated (or until topic ends)

Element: Illusion, Ink

Advantages: Blueman gains the complete anatomy of any person (player character only) he has met in his travels, as well as whatever articles of clothing they are wearing. For plot purposes, he has one 'pre-loaded' transformation.

Drawbacks: Blueman does not take on the stats of the person copied. His stats remain his own; he does not take on a person’s personality, intelligence, or anything relating to their mental faculties (unless manages to fake them somehow). The articles of clothing he generates are only to sell the lie—they offer no protective effects. To take another’s form, he has to recast (and repay the MP) and can’t do so while this instance of the form is still active. He is enabled to change his physical anatomy because he is a being made of ink. Where typical Illusion spells would not allow a physical transformation, his unique physiology allows for such.There is a one post cool-down time to be recast.

Description: He takes on the appearance of any one person he has met in his travels.

History: He was born with this ability.

Pictures: N/A

Mana: 20
Elements: Illusion, Ink, Sound
Classified Files: Blueman

Mr. Mimic (Transformation) Bluema3
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Mr. Mimic (Transformation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mr. Mimic (Transformation)   Mr. Mimic (Transformation) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 3:19 am


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Mr. Mimic (Transformation)
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