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PostSubject: V.   V. Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 6:26 pm

Name: Jinsei "Jin" Velox

Sex: Male

Age: 97 (appears in his twenties)

Race: Meta-Human

Origin: Noble, in the Quaint Little Dimension.

Alignment: Neutral.

Elemental Affinity: Space / Lightning / Ice / Arcane

Personality: Jinsei is curious by nature, which means he is naturally adventurous. Because of both his curiosity, as well as age, he has very few fears, and perceived as courageous by curiosity. He is kind and openly friendly, willing to make friends with anybody he meets, and prefers to avoid fighting. However, this doesn't mean that he won't fight if he's in the position of fighting, and he will fight for the people he cares about if they're in danger. He can differ between a snarky and sarcastic persona and a understanding and serious persona.

Appearance: Jinsei has moderately long, fair hair that is naturally straight, but usually seen as messy. He has sharp, emerald eyes. He has a slender frame, slim yet still muscular, resembling a body of a swimmer or sprinter, rather than a football player. He wears a black jacket over a white, high collared dress shirt, grey slacks, and Converse sneakers. He also carries around a one-strapped bag, which holds his important possessions.

Affinities: Due to Jinsei's experience in travelling dimensions, he is extremely adaptive in completely new environments, as well as empathetic and understanding. He is also calm, and able to handle very stressful situations with an even head. He is primarily a magic-based attacker, although he has moderately high strength.

Weaknesses: His trusting nature can allow him to be taken advantage of, and his aversion to violence adds to this as well. If he is deeply offended, or his friends have been hurt, he can become extremely angry and full of rage. His magical ability is reflected by his physical defense, and his magical defense is moderately low.

History: On Noble, a planet of populated by humans, located an a quaint dimension, Jinsei Velox was born. He had three brothers, and he was the second oldest in his family. Noble was a world of fantasy. Mythical creatures roamed the world, and there were several races of humans. Magic, too, existed. Jinsei grew up, human, and in a world of fantasy, and fell in love with the girl next door. Ashley. Or, as she liked to be called, Asher. She was kind of a tomboy, and Jinsei and her often spent the afternoons wrestling, or playing with their meek magical abilities.

However, there was something very special about Asher that Jinsei didn't know, and he didn't find out about it until one night, in his late teens. He had gone to confess his love for Asher, when the stars were shining bright and the moon was full. He snuck into her backyard, to avoid her parents, and that's where he saw her. She was standing there, dressed as if she was going on a long trip. She held her arm out, and just stood there. It seemed like eternity before it happen. There was a ripping sound, and suddenly, the space in front of Asher ripped apart, as if the reality itself had been torn. Within it was a void, twisting and turning energies within it. And she walked into it, disappearing. In a split second decision, Jinsei ran after her, and jumped through the tear in reality just as it closed.

The first experience of travelling in the space between dimensions is a very terrifying one. The temporal and voidal energies change and mutate the body to accompany traveling through dimensions, and the experience feels like insanity. Constant travel through the Space Between causes prolonged lifespan, to the point of seeming eternal youth, the ability to actually rip open reality to travel to another, and know the alternate version of somebody. Jinsei became a Meta-Human, from traveling through the Space Between.

When Jinsei regained consciousness and sanity, he woke up in a very different place. Standing over him was Asher, who looked both angry and worried. She was furious for Jinsei following her, and explained the situation. She revealed that she was a special being, called a Traveler, who had the ability to rip the walls between dimensions open and jump through them. She had been testing her powers for a while, and she finally decided to leave her dimension and start a life of travelling. Jinsei was an unfortunate passenger. Jinsei, confused, but glad that he was with Asher, decided to accompany her. They traveled through vast galaxies, worlds, and dimensions. Half a century that felt like just a few years. It didn't last long.

While visiting a dimension comprised of several, interconnected (yet also not) worlds, they came upon a large spaceship. Asher was detected as an unknown anomaly that must be detained, so she was captured and imprisoned. Jinsei escaped due to him just beginning to become a fully realized Traveler. Jinsei then initiated a prison break, allowing Asher to escape, but leaving him to be captured instead. When Jinsei finally escaped, he attempted to find Asher. Feeling as though she had abandoned him to this dimension, Jinsei decided to settle down. He arrived at a small town, where he met the version of Asher within that dimension, named Nox. They fell in love, and got married. They even had a child.

However, one night, when the child was still young, Jinsei was visited by a mysterious being who claimed to be a god. He informed Jinsei that Asher had not left him in the dimension, but instead, had been attacked by creatures of Darkness, and lost her body. Her soul, though, due to not belonging to the universe, was not affected, and had been floating in the nothing, without a body to claim. This god offered Jinsei a deal. He would restore Asher's body in exchange for Jinsei's services. The god would send Jinsei from dimension to dimension. He would restore Asher once Jinsei completed his services. Jinsei agreed. To keep from Asher's soul from getting stuck in the Space Between, the god placed her soul within Jinsei's son. Jinsei, although guilty of leaving Nox and his son, left to go restore Asher.

After traveling through a few dimensions, Jinsei learned that what the god had wanted him to do in each dimension was vague and never explicitly revealed. It seemed as though Jinsei's purpose for being in the dimension wouldn't be revealed until after he had already completed it. And when that happened, a rip to the Space Between opened. The time spent in a dimension ranged from a few weeks to a few years, and Jinsei still doesn't know how exactly it works. The most recent location seems to be a world, inhabited by demonic forces.

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PostSubject: Re: V.   V. Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 7:00 pm

What color are the Converse?
What color is the bag he carries his stuff in?

Quote :
His magical ability is reflected by his physical defense

The wording, though not confusing to the intelligent of us like you, I and your current peers has the potential to confuse the dumber members who will almost certainly join in the future.

Address these three and we can progress.

Edit: lol Approved <3

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