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The Ultimate Troll
The Ultimate Troll

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PostSubject: Framework   Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:41 pm

Name: Framework

Magic: 10 MP

Quantity: One

Duration: Duration of post or until terminated

Element: Ink & Arcane

Description: A blank image of a person, looks like Blueman but gray.

Abilities: Posses all of Blueman's combat abilities (active ones cast from Blueman's mana-pool) but 'dies' in a single hit, lingering long enough to be mutilated or left alone. Blueman can trigger the dismissal once the clone is defeated. For the fights it is in, the experience and 'memories' of the summon are retrieved by Blueman, he receives all combat experience. Blueman can cast this summon over ten miles (I.E. can send it alone into a topic), but must remain perfectly still to control it as he controls it manually, like another body making it highly impractical for him to use in combat. The clone does grow in strength with Blueman.

History: An ability that Blueman has been perfecting and tweaking for quite some time. He almost has it down pat.

Mana: 20
Elements: Illusion, Ink, Sound
Classified Files: Blueman

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The Burdened

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PostSubject: Re: Framework   Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:25 am

Approved, taking into consideration the drawbacks etc etc.

20 Mana.
April White
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